75M+ Followers, 1.5B monthly views, managing the world’s most iconic digital assets

Memes Media Group is a portfolio of over 40 social brands with 75M+ combined followers. We partner with brands to seamlessly blend humor and advertising for unforgettable brand experiences with unprecedented reach.

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We leverage our unparalleled organic reach to elevate your brand’s messaging and get it seen by fresh sets of eyeballs across the US and entire globe.

75M+ followers in our network (majority US)

1.5 Billion content views per month

We reach one-third of the entire US population each month



"@MEMES is perfect for brands with a sense of humor"


"@FUNNY allows to amplify your brand's meme campaign for an ever greater impact."


"GUFF: Where jokes, memes and pop culture cullide."


"ANIMAL MEMES: A cluster of 3 different facebook communities where pet-lovers come to laugh"


"SARCASM SOCIETY: Where wit meet humor. A playful way to boost your brand in a clever way"


"@NOSTALGIA is great for brands who want to tap into childhood nostalgia"


"@SCIENCE pairs well with brands who care about the world and beyond"


"@FACTS is extraordinarily powerful for brands with interesting quirks and product launches"


"@CARS is ideal for brands offering the finer things in life."

The power of being seen.


With over 75 million highly engaged followers, we are the leading choice for organic advertising on social. We help brands connect with social media audiences the way only someone who has been creating and distributing engaging social content for over a decade can.

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More Effective: Memes are proven to be 5 times as effective as regular ads.

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More Effective: Memes are proven to be 5 times as effective as regular ads.

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Increased Engagement: Memes have a unique ability to captivate and entertain audiences, leading to higher engagement rates for brands on social media platforms.

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Enhanced Brand Awareness: Memes, when shared and spread across social media, can significantly increase brand visibility and recognition among a wide range of audiences.

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Improved Audience Connection: Memes provide a casual and relatable way for brands to connect with their target audience, creating a sense of authenticity and fostering stronger relationships.

Client Testimonials

Jaime Rosenzweig

We have been consistently impressed while working with Memes Media Group to promote our best-selling games.

Unlike many others in the space, MEMES runs an organized, professional and courteous operation which makes them a pleasure to partner with.” Communication with our account manager has been seamless and they’re also one of our best partners in terms of ROI. Simply put, they’re a quality company delivering a quality experience and we’re very excited to continue working with them for the foreseeable future."

Jaime Rosenzweig
Co-Director of Marketing | What Do You Meme
MMG client since 2017
Mike Frankel

"Memes Media Group is a hidden gem for marketers.

Their team has a deep understanding of their audience and delivers creative assets that stand out in cluttered social media feeds. They demonstrate a remarkable talent for crafting wildly funny posts that cleverly incorporate essential brand marketing goals. Plus, the extent of their network's influence is simply massive."

Mike Frankel
Founder | Liquid Social
MMG client since 2018
Maria Mansur

"Working with Memes Media Group has been nothing short of amazing.

We have substantially grown our video reach and target audience through our partnership. They've helped us get our videos to millions of views more times than we can count!"

Maria Mansur
CEO | Voov Media
MMG Client since 2019
Mike Pashayan

“Memes Media Group helped us develop a social media marketing strategy that was tailored to our business and target audience. They created engaging content that helped us reach a wider audience.

As a result of their efforts, our social media following grew by 400% and my website traffic increased by 80%. We also saw a significant increase in sales. I am so impressed with the work that Memes Media Group has done for my business. They are a highly skilled and experienced team who are passionate about helping businesses succeed. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to grow their business.”

Mike Pashayan
CMO | ShoppingNetwork.com
MMG client since 2018

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